For the Disqus homepage, we wanted to take a new approach to marketing. Instead of speaking for the product, we let the product speak for itself via an interactive, open-ended demo.

Disqus — Home page

Disqus is a multi-faceted product, supplying different needs for both commenters and publishers. The marketing page was designed to optimize conversion rates for prospective publishers considering Disqus for their commenting platform.

Disqus — Marketing

To compliment the new design, a new signup page was introduced—allowing authentication from social networks or traditional email.

Disqus — Sign-in

A step-by-step installation flow was added to guide new publishers through installing Disqus on their site.

Disqus — Platform selection



Noura Yehia, founder of Noupe (acquired by Smashing Magazine) wanted to grow a curated publication built around the design community. For this project, I wanted the brand to have a classical, emotional aesthetic while prioritizing good typography.

Dolody — Home page


Celebration Cruises

Sometimes the best solutions really are the simplest. To increase conversions, I designed a clean layout which focused on usability and worked with Celebration Cruises to craft the company's marketing statement and tagline.

Celebration Cruise Line — Home page


Kenley Collins

After her television debut on Project Runway, Kenley Collins was ready to define her online presence. My team incorporated clippings of clothing actually used in Kenley's pieces.

Kenley Collins — Home page


Good News

The traditional print newspaper, Good News, wanted to offer readers the ability to customize their reading experience. The design included multiple color schemes, content types displayed, and readability options. I designed, created framework guidelines, and coded the front-end for Good News' Drupal theme.

Good News — Home page

One of Good News' most popular features was the event calendar. Within the South Florida community, many non-profits gather for fundraising and charity awareness events. I designed an interface which allowed for many different scenarios and types of events.

Good News — Home page